mercredi 23 mars 2011

Use the videos to improve your English

Use the videos to improve your English.
Improve your reading
As you watch the video, read the text by clicking the "CC" button.
Practice reading in chunks rather than word by word.
Improve your speaking
Turn down or mute the audio volume and try to shadow the speaker.
Try to say their words at the same speed the speaker does. This is a great way to increase fluency and speaking speed.
Improve test taking skills. As you listen, practice note-taking and summarizing. 
Listen to the videos and take notes of what the speaker said. Then try to summarize what they said and then check your summary with the full transcript by clicking the "View Text" link.


The mp3 files and text on elllo are Creative Commons. Students and teachers are free to download, copy and distribute these materials for educational purposes. They are not transferable for commercial purposes.

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